Fashion and Beauty Tips Every Wedding Guest Should Know

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Attending special events like weddings can surely be exciting and fun. And if you think that the bride is the only one who should look amazing on that day, you’re wrong. Whether you’re just one of the bridesmaids or a special guest, it’s also important to look your best on such a big day. After all, who doesn’t want to look presentable and radiant in the wedding photos, right?

Is the date set and you finally received your invitation to the wedding? It’s time to get some fashion and beauty preparations done. To help you with that, here are some useful tips for you to look picture-perfect on the special day.

1. Take care of your nails

The last thing you want to happen is to attend a special event with dirty nails. Still, regardless if you’re going to a wedding or not, good nail hygiene is essential. But for some extra care, you can have regular manis to keep those hands and nails pretty and primed. Go to a manicurist you trust and experiment on different colors before the wedding. If you’re looking to have prettier and smoother finished nails, you can opt for gel manicures. They cost a little more than traditional manicures, but they can last longer.

2. Create a hair care plan

Be it any season or event, hair care is necessary for any woman. You’d want it to look great and neat at all times. If you’re attending the wedding of your cousin or good friend, it’d be ideal to upgrade your hair care routine. Most common pre-wedding hair care tips include doing a deep conditioning treatment and using shampoo with repairing properties to improve your hair’s structure.

Talk to your hairstylist weeks before the event you’re attending. They can help you find the best ways to achieve a glossy hair or and even provide you with a customized conditioning treatment. Reducing frizz and having healthier hair will make it easy for you to try out different hairstyles without worrying about anything.

3. Do a makeup test run

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If you’ll be part of the special roles in the ceremony, especially if you’re the maid of honor, having makeup trials is a good idea to ensure you’ll look your best. Depending on the setup, you can schedule makeup test runs with the bride and other bridesmaids. Some opt to just have one makeup artist, while others use two separate artists for convenience. Before the trial, don’t put use any products. Makeup holds better on a clean face. Be sure to also take a lot of photos that you can use when choosing the best makeup to go for.

4. Prep your face

If brides are recommended to start having monthly facials three months before their weddings, why can’t you, right? If you’re one of the lovely bridesmaids who will accompany the bride, you should also look your best. Boost your skin’s health by having facials. It can help make your skin look brighter and clearer.

To have a smoother face skin for makeup application, exfoliate every week before the big day. To plump up the fine lines in your face and achieve a smoother and lighten skin, apply a whitening and hydrating facial serum every night. It’s also recommended to apply a hydrating serum before doing your makeup. If you have an oily skin, you can try using a purifying clay mask too.

5. Have a nutrition and fitness plan

Having a healthier body can give you more confidence, which you obviously need if you’re a bridesmaid or an honored guest who will be giving a speech for the newlyweds. If you can, avoid eating processed foods, and lots of sodium and sugar. Such food items can result in bloating and belly fat. Instead of snacking on these unhealthy options, fuel your body with lots of fruit, vegetables, and water. At the same time, these are all great for clearing up the skin and boosting energy.

As for some fitness tips, simple regular workouts are enough to keep your body firm and detoxify your skin. You also get to feel happier as a bonus. You can choose to exercise at home or go to the gym. If you’re just aiming for more toned shoulders, arms, and back, lifting weights like dumbbells is helpful.

A wedding can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for your loved one, so there’s nothing wrong to look at your best too. With these simple pre-wedding beauty tips, you can effortlessly feel and look beautiful from the inside out during such a special and memorable event.

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