The Common Reasons Why Couples Fight (and How to Avoid Them)

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All couples fight. If you expect that being in a relationship will make you happy, you are mistaken. At some point, no matter how in love you are, a toilet seat left up or a dirty sock left on the floor will spark a fight.

It is normal and, most of the time, if the couple can look past their differences, there is no reason to worry. However, what if the fights are becoming more frequent and intense? Is it a sign that the end is coming?

Here are some of the most common reasons why couples fight and what you can do to prevent them.

Who Should Do the Chores

Chores. Everyone has to do it, but no one really wants to. A lot of couples, unfortunately, fight over who must wash the dishes or whose turn is it to do the laundry.

If chores are an ongoing problem, you have a few options.

First, you can outsource these tasks to services and individuals. Bring your laundry to your local dry cleaners and find a professional to come in and tidy the house. If cooking is what neither of you wants to do, considering subscribing to a meal kit delivery service.

Better yet, you should split the chores. When two people live together, they should both be responsible for taking care of the house. You should be a team. You should not feel like you are doing all the work while your partner watches television or plays video games all day. If they also live in the house, they have to help out.

Your Partner Never Has Time For You

Your partner spends all day at work but, when they go home, they would rather check social media or hang out with friends than spend quality time with you.

Sometimes, it is okay for a person to want to be alone. It is also pretty normal that one person in the relationship may want to spend more time together than their partner. However, if they never have time for you because they prioritize something else, then it becomes a serious problem.

You need to sit your partner down and talk about your concerns. Try to create a schedule wherein you two will do something special and with zero distractions. No sports or phones allowed.

Their Quirks Drive You Mad (and Vice Versa)

couple mad at each other

Older couples have warned you: the traits that seemed cute to you when you started going out will become a source of frustration once you have gone past the so-called honeymoon phase. If their loud chewing every time you eat together or them just dropping their stuff on the floor once they are done causes an argument, then you have been dating long enough.

The good news is, it is okay for you to point out these bad habits. What is not okay is if you use it to humiliate your partner.

Talk about it in a manner that is calm and not accusatory. Do not bring it up during a fight or because you are upset. Explain why they should put a stop into the bad habit for their and your sanity’s sake.

You Never Talk About Your Issue

Do you avoid confronting your partner whenever there is a problem? When you are angry, do you keep your emotions and thoughts to yourself?

The absence of arguments between a couple is not a sign of a healthy relationship. Two people who have been brought up differently and with different personalities will, of course, have differences that will contrast and spark a fight.

Refusing to address your issues would not solve anything. Your negative feelings will not disappear. It will fester and bubble inside of you until, one day, you explode with rage.

Sit down. Talk. Communication is the foundation of good and lasting relationships.

Nobody likes to fight, but no relationship is perfect either. Happily ever after only happens in fairy tales. If you want to live with your partner in bliss for as long as possible, accept that fights happen and find ways to address the issues you have as peacefully as possible.

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