Dating Tips: 4 Red Flags to Watch Out for on Your First Date


Dating in a city like Tampa in Florida, where there are close to 400,000 people, can be challenging. Picking out “the one” will certainly take a while. Research shows that you are likely to have at least five to six relationships before settling down with the right partner. That is not counting the dating disasters you may experience.

The earlier you want to settle down, the more stressful it can be to deal with the wrong partners. Before you hit the restaurants and bars in Tampa, FL, it is wise to find reputable dating and matchmaking services to make things easier.

Also, you should know the danger signs to look out for on your first date. The less time you spend with the wrong people, the better your chances of finding a soul mate. Here are some red flags you should watch out for:

   1. The overall appearance of your date

There is absolutely nothing wrong with judging people by their appearance when you are on a date. It can tell you a lot about them. For example, if you are meeting someone you first interacted with on a dating app, and they look different from their pictures online, you need to worry. It means they are not confident in who they are and are dishonest.

Also, if someone looks very unkempt and has bloodshot eyes, you may be dealing with a person with a drinking or partying problem. If you are looking for commitment, you are not likely to get it from someone who does not even care about making a good first impression.

   2. How your date treats people in the hospitality service industry

It is always better to meet someone for the first time in a public place like a restaurant. Some people may be nasty but can pretend to be polite when dealing with the high and mighty. But they will not show that same respect for those who serve them in some capacity.

If you go out on a date to such a place, you need to pay close attention to how your date treats people. Watch out for signs of contempt, arrogance, or rudeness. If your date refuses to tip, that could be a sign of stinginess and a lack of respect for other people’s work.

   3. Your date refuses to respect boundaries


When your date begins to come closer to try to touch you inappropriately, issue a warning. Then, pay close attention to how it is received. If that person refuses to respect your boundaries, then there is a problem. Some people may stop with the touching but continue to make lewd comments when conversing with you.

Boundaries are important because they make everyone feel respected and safe. So, when someone refuses to respect yours, it could mean that you are dating someone who doesn’t care for other people. Even worse, they could be a sexual offender. That is a criminal that you cannot trust with any future children that you may have.

   4. Your date is self-absorbed

When your date spends all the time ignoring your needs, you need to cut your losses. Anyone who talks too much about their achievements, jobs, wealth, and past relationships is not only insecure but also selfish. If you want a relationship with such a person, it will never be about you. The spotlight must always shine on them, and you will be neglected.

When you want to settle down, you must date. Some of your dates will be disastrous. But if you know what red flags to look out for, you will save time in your search for the right partner. You will have less stress to deal with when dating.

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