Workwear Choices to Mix and Make Stylish Attires

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to buy individual workwear clothes to dress fashionably at work. All you need is the office outfit essentials by your side. Learn to mix and match essential pieces so you can always look in style without spending too much. This leaves you with plenty to spare regarding the pieces that matter most — such as shopping for the best wedding dresses for your big day or formal occasions.

That said, here are the eight essential workwear pieces you can use to mix and match to create an outfit for great success.

White Shirt

There’s no workwear staple worn as much as a classic white shirt. If you’re fortunate enough to be part of a modern workplace supporting laid-back attire, you can pair this staple with a pair of denim or a midi-skirt.

Patterned Suit

Although black tailored suits work best for the office, sometimes, it can seem but sartorially uninspired. To combat this problem, go for a patterned suit instead. Whether it’s stripes or florals, patterned suits can be a fun way to spice up your office outfit without straying away from the formal spectrum. However, make sure to use these during regular weekdays only since it can look too casual for important client meetings.

Tailored Trousers

The new trend in workwear is all about discovering the perfect balance between sophistication and comfort, and there’s nothing better that can complete your office look than a pair of tailored trousers. These provide sharp silhouettes alongside delicate fabrics and vibrant colors, allowing you to strut your style while staying ‘office formal.’

Wide-legged Pants

If you like wearing informal outfits in general, you can stay true to your passion while respecting the workwear spectrum by using wide-legged pants, providing comfort and style in one piece. You can choose the pants’ width based on your taste, but they’re generally sleek and will work with most tops without looking sloppy.

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Although denim has long been considered as a casual piece, it has earned its place in the office in recent years. Nowadays, this everyday staple can work flawlessly in a business setting, adding a bit of texture and comfort to your office outfit. To find the perfect denim piece for your outfit, determine when it’s appropriate. For instance, straight leg style works well during the week, and your boyfriend jeans are ideal for lesser hectic weekends.

Additionally, make sure you choose a pair free from holes, rips, and funky colors and choose a plain one in a dark wash. Finally, partner your denim with sophisticated tops like a classic white blouse or a black blazer with black heels.

Anti-fit Blouse

Puffed sleeves are making a comeback in the fashion world, making the retro style vogue for the past few seasons, and it seems like they’re not going anywhere soon. The key to perfecting an office outfit is to choose an anti-fit blouse with bold sleeves, balancing the outfit’s volume. The best part is, you can use prints, colors, and embellishments if you like.

Midi Skirts

The midi skirt is the modern office’s new pencil skirt. This garment is so versatile, and you can almost use it alongside any top. From ruffled blouses to sharp blazers, anything can work with a midi skirt. Plus, whether you’re going for a Parisian chic or casual midi skirt, you can style it in different ways. These are often light in fabric, making them comfortable to use in the office while helping you look stylish through-and-through.


The jumpsuit has long been a crucial part of the casual weekend wardrobe, but it can also make a stylish addition to your office or workwear closet. Although a tailored long-sleeved jumpsuit works perfectly well by itself in the office, other styles may also suit office life when used with the right accessories. For instance, layering a plain collared shirt or turtleneck underneath a jumpsuit is a great way to transform it from a comfy outfit to something chic and smart.

Additionally, you can try layering a formal blazer over the top, adding more structure to your jumpsuit. Finally, don’t forget to keep your feet sharp by choosing footwear like a pair of heels and booties, polishing the entire look.

When it comes to the world of business, appearances do matter. From job interviews to the cubicle to elaborate networking events—stylish workwear is a fantastic way to dress for success. The pieces mentioned are some office staples that you can use to mix-and-match to create an outfit for success.

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