Hair Care 101: How to Control Frizzy Hair

Lots of individuals with naturally wavy locks and curly hair struggle with controlling frizz. Unfortunately, and in most cases, frizzy hair is enhanced by poor hair habits. Proper hair care is all about research, education, as well as trial and error to discover the best hair products that will work for your specific hair profile.

If you don’t have the time for all that, don’t fret. Below are top tips and tricks to help you control your frizzy hair.

Always Condition Your Hair After Shampooing

This helps keep your hair cuticles hydrated, ensuring that moisture will be able to penetrate deeply into your strands. Conditioning also helps prevent the cuticles from opening up, allowing excess moisture to seep in and keeping your hair smooth.

Opt for conditioners with a high concentration of glycerin and other hydrating ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter, among others. To keep oiliness at bay, condition your hair from mid-length to the ends and avoid the roots.

Go for Glycerin-enriched and Sulfate-free Shampoo

Glycerin helps fight frizz by penetrating your locks and hydrating them from the inside. Likewise, it’s an excellent humectant, which means that it easily absorbs excess moisture from the air to create a protective layer and keep moisture in. Besides having glycerin, make sure that you’re using a sulfate-free shampoo. Sulfates strip off the hair’s natural oils, making it dry and frizzy.

Pamper Your Hair with a Hydrating Mask

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Treat your hair to a hydrating mask at least once weekly to help keep it hydrated and less susceptible to damage. Look for hair products online that contain nourishing oils such as argan, castor, and coconut, which are excellent for hydration. If you have especially frizzy, damaged, and overly dry hair, consider using a hydrating mask two to three times per week instead of using conditioner.

Condition Your Hair without Shampooing at Least Twice a Week

This is known as co-washing. It helps ensure that your hair’s PH is at an optimum level while restoring moisture and ensuring that your mane’s natural oils won’t be stripped away. Conditioners have some surfactants, which are used by shampoos for cleansing hair. They also have some oils that attach to the hair’s natural oils to remove dirt and debris.

Air Dry Your Hair Before Blow-drying It

Allowing your hair to air dry partially essentially dries it without disrupting the strands, which keep it smooth. When blow-drying your hair, always place the dryer at least six inches away from the hair and keep in on low heat. Make sure to move it around as well to avoid overheating a particular section and cause damage.

You should consider using a diffuser extension with your dryer. This will help limit how much forceful and direct heat your hair will receive and help keep your hair smooth. The diffuser will also stop your hair from moving around too much, which will minimize friction, and in turn, frizz.

Give these frizz control tips a try to achieve that smooth and frizz-free mane you’ve always wanted.

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