Real Matchmaking: The Do’s and Don’ts of Meeting People

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It’s a little tricky to meet people. Even during normal situations, people can be pretty difficult to predict. Some like certain types of the opposite sex while others are surprisingly welcoming. It’s only gotten a lot harder because of the pandemic.

That being said, finding your match sounds easier than it looks. The truth is, most people have trouble finding the perfect match for them because they might’ve sworn off dating for a while for one reason or another. Those that are returning are looking for recommendations for their perfect match. Then there are those who are looking to act as an experienced matchmaker to their single friends.

If you want to really meet your match, you’ll have to create your own list of dos and don’ts. Here are some tips to get you started on what you should do and what you shouldn’t:

What is your motivation?

When you’re happy and you know it…well, you want everyone to share in that happiness. The same goes for your friends. When you’re happy in a relationship, you want them to know how that feels. So, you go ahead and become a matchmaker for them.

That is what your motivation should be. When you see someone you think is perfect for your friend, you should first be 100% decided that they’re THE one. You should also be that certain your friend is looking for someone and that they want to meet someone.

Sometimes, people do the right things for all the wrong reasons. If that’s your motivation, then you might be playing matchmaker wrongly. Be sure that your friend is in the dating game before matching them up with someone.

Make things easier for everyone

Sometimes, all it takes for you to find a match for your friend is to act as a friend. Don’t go making things complicated and acting like a “middleman” to a friend and another that you want to set up. It will all go wrong, trust me.

Being a friend and matching people up is as simple as hearing them out. What are their hopes and dreams and what do they want to get out of a relationship? It could also be as easy as knowing what happened during a date, and what they want to get out of a relationship.

If you’re the one looking for a date, you should make things easy for yourself. Choose times like the early morning or late in the evening, so you can see them in natural light.

Set your expectations low

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If you’re going on a date, you should temper your expectations. It’s better than setting yourself up for a high expectation of the person you’re meeting, only for it to end up in failure.

You should also act the same way if you’re playing matchmaker. Let them make the impressions. Do not be too involved in the set-up. If you’re the one making the matches, you might end up getting hurt or disappointed if your match-up doesn’t work. Those people are adults — let them sort out the meet-up, decide if they like each other, all while you sit back, eat popcorn, and watch the magic unfold.

Don’t Have Only One Type

Do not limit yourself to only one person when you’re dating or searching for a match for your friend. There’s a lot of choices out there, and your choice won’t necessarily stay the same as you grow. It’s also easier to find a potential partner if you’ve widened your horizons, right?

Nobody’s perfect and that also means your choice might not be that great. You can go for anyone that falls partially into your definition of a perfect mate. They won’t be the complete package, and you’re really lucky if you find someone that’s like that! Be open to the possibility of falling or picking someone for your friend that’s mostly the complete package.

Don’t Come Off Too Strong

Being confident is a gift, but overconfidence won’t do you any wonders. You should take care not to come on too strong to your partner, or you should tell your friend if you notice that behavior in them. Some people might not like those who appear too needy or clingy — these are often undesirable traits other people avoid.

You should choose to let time take its natural course. Learn to be smooth with things and try not to do things too hard. You’ll thank yourself for it.

There are a lot of relationships that start off on the wrong foot but end up turning out okay because people learned to adjust at the right time. If you’re looking for a partner, let things take their natural course; this is the same when you’re also playing matchmaker for your friend.

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