Winter Wedding: Why You Should Consider Having One

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We all knew that fall, spring, and summer are the most popular seasons for throwing a wedding. But for some couples, they are not the perfect time. Soon-to-be-married couples who hate summer heat and sweat, a winter wedding is an ideal option.

Winter is a season filled with cozy warmers, hot drinks, and holiday festivities. This is a perfect time for couples who dare to be different – from crisp blue skies, snowy photo opportunities, to beautiful bare trees. In today’s blog, we’ll be sharing some great reasons winter weddings are such an amazing choice. Read on!

1. More venue dates

Let’s admit it, weddings can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t have that unique and remarkable wedding day of your dreams. By booking a winter wedding, you can save thousands of dollars since it’s not peak season. However, as most weddings occur from May to October, it’s a counter-strategy to book yours in months like November, January, and March.  Avoid booking in February or December as these are surprising peak seasons. After all, who doesn’t want less competition, right?

2. Dramatic and cozy wear

Winter weddings tend to really be more sophisticated and glamorous with the use of dramatic and moody tones not just on venues but even on the clothing. Winter brides won’t have a problem wearing heavy yet cozy gowns or dresses, and not sweat! They can wear wintery and grand accessories to complement their beautiful white gold wedding ring without feeling too covered up. Hand warmers and faux fur earmuffs are also great fashion extras. Bridesmaids can even make their dresses more stylish with plaid wraps.

3. Extra glamorous backdrop

We’ve all seen that hazy-summer wedding backdrops almost every time. But a backdrop of pristine mountains covered with enchanting white snow and falling snowflakes? That’s gorgeously rare! Having a winter wedding gives you a great chance to have photos in a snow-covered venue that showcases a uniquely stunning backdrop.

This completely makes your day more unique compared to those common countryside, beach, or garden scenery of summer and spring weddings. There’s definitely something mesmerizing about the winter foliage for wedding photos.

4. Romantic ambiance

Instead of getting bright and airy beach days vibes, a winter wedding will give a stunningly romantic ambiance with festive color palettes of golds, greens, and reds. Or, you can be sophisticated by using sage and burgundy instead. If you don’t prefer the festive tones, you can opt for some drama and moodiness using rich jewel tones such as plum, emerald, amber, and cobalt blue. This color palette can give you a cozy and warm winter ambiance.

5. Cool décor options

The winter season has so many stunning motifs and themes that you can use for your wedding decorations or accessories. You can have enchanting pinecones, pretty snowflakes, or even a hot cider station at your reception area. As for your theme, you have the option to go with a classy romantic palette that includes ivory, merlot, and black.

Also, depending on the month of your wedding, you can take advantage of some awesome free decorations! Many venues will have their holiday decorations ready, which can add extra grandeur and beauty to your day. You also have the snowy trees outside if you’re opting for a sweet winter wonderland theme.

6. Secretly stunning flowers

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If you think the prettiest flowers for weddings are only available during summer or spring, you’re totally wrong. There are also exceptionally beautiful flowers hiding during the winter months, and they have breathtaking colors! Some flowers that bloom during cold months are lilies, roses, gardenias, daisies, and amaryllis. For aesthetically inspiring bouquets, you can use or combine these flowers to achieve a monochromatic look or for unique textures.

7. Something extraordinary

There are only a few couples who opt to get married in the winter, and those weddings are surely extraordinary. It’s more like turning your special day into a precious stone; it is so rare and unique! Definitely, your guests will always remember your wedding on top of all the previous ones they’ve attended, and they might talk about it for years to come! Plus, there are absolutely more things that make it a unique and memorable event – from the twinkling holiday lights, blankets over chairs, wintery color palettes, and of course, the beautiful snow!

No doubt, winter is one outstanding option to have a spectacular wedding. If sunny and bright weddings are not your type, a snowy and cozy wedding day is certainly for you. Think outside the box, make your own Winter Wonderland, and exchange vows in a fairytale-like venue.

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